Transform Windows into opportunities for advertising & branding with One Way Vision!1

One Way Vision is a printable self adhesive perforated vinyl which can be used to transform most glass surfaces to display graphics.  These graphics can be images, logos, text or a combination of all. The printed side of the film will show the artwork whilst from behind the window, when looking out, you can see right through the film.

One Way Vision can be used in shopping centres, on shop windows, buildings and showrooms and vehicles. You can use your windows to promote your business to the outside world while not impacting your visibility from inside.

One Way Vision is a printable perforated film with a black adhesive side which when applied to a window allows visibility from the reverse side.

When viewing the imagery printed on the vinyl film from the outside, the brain overlooks the tiny perforations and instead focuses on the bigger brighter graphics printed. From inside the the viewer retains clear vision through the windows because the brain focuses more on the light coming through the perforations than the on the dark areas surrounding the perforations.

One way Vision sticks smoothly on glass and can be laminated for use on cars, vans, and other motor vehicles. It is a great way to use a window as a sign on its own or to continue a design wrapping around a car to cover the windows as well. Again while still providing visibility from inside.


One Way Vision can also work as a privacy screen to hide cluttered areas from public view. It keeps your windows safer protecting window glass from cracking and scratching. One Way Vision is attention-grabbing and promotes a certain product elaborately.

To highlight One Way Vision’s benefits:

  • Works on most windows (vehicles & buildings)
  • Complies with all Australian transport and traffic regulations
  • Utilises a great space to display signage
  • Still allows visibility from the inside
  • Adds privacy

Transform your empty window space with One Way Vision to advertise your business today!!


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